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This listing of the photographers and studios operating in Brisbane from 1855 to 1901, is an abridged version of the print publication 'Capturing Brisbane'.


American & Australian Photographic Company

A branch was established in Brisbane in August 1871 by Edward Forster from Sydney.  He worked from his residence on Wickham Terrace, Brisbane. He photographed South Brisbane from late August. Early in December 1871 he moved on to the Caboolture and Pine Rivers, and had moved to Gympie by the end of January.

A & A

American Novelty Photo Company    

See American Photo Company

American Photo Company    

Briefly known as the American Novelty Photo Company, and sometimes the American Photo Studio, this company commenced in February 1900 above Edwards & Lamb’s drapery store in Queen Street, Brisbane. It settled on the American Photo Company (or Co) name from August 1900. The owner or operators are unknown. The company opened new premises at 84 Queen Street on 13 September 1900, then moved to 167 Queen Street from October 1900. By October 1901 it had relocated to 460 Queen Street, Petrie Bight, its final home.

Photographer George Hansen was associated with the company probably from the early 1900s. For a time in 1912 it was also known as the American Midget Photograph Company. It was acquired that year by Robert Rickwood.

American Photo Studio   

See American Photo Company

American Photo Gallery   

The American Photo Gallery opened in George Street, Brisbane in mid-June 1894, but closed on 14 July 1894. Its operators have not been identified

Appleby, Leonard Whithair

Photographer and Rugby player Leonard Appleby moved from Sydney to Brisbane around December 1899 when he likely commenced work as a photographer for Poul Poulsen. He continued with Poulsen until February 1901 before returning to Sydney.  From about 1904 he began to gain a reputation as an exceptional art photographer and remained in the industry.

Ash, William John

William Ash is believed to have been working with Lomer & Co in Brisbane between 1890 and 1895. In 1896 he joined photographer Alfred Friend in Charters Towers, as Friend & Ash, though the partnership lasted only about seven months.  Ash returned to Brisbane and was with Lomer & Co by 1899. He managed the Tosca Studio in Rockhampton from 1903 to 1904. From 1906 he was back working in Brisbane.  

Austral Photo Co

Francis Healy has been identified as the owner or manager of the Austral Photo Co. It operated from premises on Gregory Terrace, Brisbane during 1891.


Australian Photographic Company

William Boag and John Henry Mills worked for the Adelaide-based Australian Photographic Company in Queensland between 1872 and 1878. They spent a short time in Brisbane during 1872.

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