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This listing of the photographers and studios operating in Brisbane from 1855 to 1901, is an abridged version of the print publication 'Capturing Brisbane'.


Urry, Arthur Edwin

Arthur Urry emigrated from England to Brisbane in 1885. Around 1886 he formed a partnership with Charles Lucock in the photography business Lucock & Urry. It operated from Lucock’s address in Oxley before moving in 1887 to Dalby, and then Roma. At the beginning of 1888 the partnership was dissolved and Urry worked for some months with Elite Studios in Brisbane.


He set up a photographic studio in Maryborough in late 1888, operating it until 1897, when he moved south. He reappeared in Townsville by 1900 where he ran a studio until about 1914, before returning to Brisbane. There he appears to also have been known as Edwin Arthur Urry, confusingly the same name as his son, who was also a photographer.  

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