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This listing of the photographers and studios operating in Brisbane from 1855 to 1901, is an abridged version of the print publication 'Capturing Brisbane'.


Overlack, Heinrich Oscar

Heinrich or Henry (as he was known) Overlack emigrated to Queensland from Germany in 1872. He moved about the colony and was in Maryborough, Rockhampton and Brisbane before moving to Sydney in 1876. He was there for a decade, though records have not shown him in any photography-related occupation.  

He returned to Brisbane and was first recorded as a photographer residing in Paris Street, West End from 1887. He moved to Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane in 1889 and was likely an employee of an unidentified studio.  During early 1889 Overlack joined with itinerant photographer Edward Munro and travelled to Rockhampton. He returned to Brisbane and in October opened the Imperial Photo Company [2] in George Street. The partnership operated the Imperial Photo Company until June 1890, when they quickly capitalised on the success of the Company and sold it.

Henry Overlack appears to have moved between Brisbane and Maryborough over the next couple of years still pursuing a life in photography, though he did not have a studio. The economic depression of the early 1890s likely contributed to him being becoming insolvent in August 1893. He lived in Brisbane until 1899 when he travelled to Mount Morgan. From there he disappeared from records.

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